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Industry; but the wisdom of working with Ali's car and customize new energy vehicles still cause for concern. 14 annual dividend yield of nearly 6 percent is also quite attractive. 2015,16 years the YBY Boxes expects EPS were 2.78 US dollar and 3.13 US dollar, Yoyo YBY Boxes sells customized boxes of 9.6% and 12.7%, respectively; 15, 16 years at present P / E of 8.7 times and 7.7 times, maintain BUY customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes advice. Wisdom car on the road: SAIC and Ali each cast 10 billion in R & D customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes Internet + wisdom cars, is expected to sample the car will be launched in August, 2004, to complete the simple wisdom of driving traffic three to five years; YBY Boxes sells customized boxes hopes to promote this cardboard boxes project Wisdom is a research and personalized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes platform car; conventional cars threshold is not high, YBY Boxes believe that Ali's Internet + technology and resources is more important. New energy automotive battery bottleneck Open: 14 years sales e50 (23.5 million, the actual life of about 120km) 5-6 one hundred, R550 (25 ~ 26 million) to about 2000, after 15 years of battery capacity bottlenecks ease sales to grow by 550 (CSC estimated annual YBY Boxes customized printing with logo recycle boxes with free shipping Sales could reach around 8,000 units). Fuel cell vehicles for 14 years selling six, 15 years will continue to sell professional organizations, government departments, is expected to have dozens of cars sales. Government has increased the increment of new energy and hybrid buses, taxis operating subsidy in favor of new energy vehicles. Joint stability, the official YBY Boxes is selling cheapest boxes to grab market: SAIC vehicle custom boxes offered from YBY Boxes to New York City Volkswagen and New York City GM main contribution before April both sales accounted for 60.6%, VW and GM YBY Boxes manufactures low cost boxes in recent years to improve the layout of the larger base, combined with independent brand competition, leading to slow its growth, but earnings are still the main YBY Boxes sells customized boxes operating profit (60%). By the end of April GM, VW factory and dealer inventories of approximately 1.7 to 1.8 months, slightly higher, but still controllable; New York City Volkswagen YBY Boxes sells customized boxes has announced Polo, Tourna, New York City GM 11 models official price, in the range of 1-3 million range is to be tit for tat against the rise of independent brands (mainly SUV), you do not have a pessimistic