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custom motor shaft manufacturers
« dnia: Marzec 14, 2018, 04:28:00 am »

Turn your papers into parts from 1-100,000 pcs  !
Molto group invests in high tech CNC machines like Mitsubishi multi axis CNC centers (3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers), lathes, EDM/Wire EDM, Grinders and much more, which will ensure each tight tolerance precisely in products. CNC precision machining is fast turnaround, economical and accurate to meet a range of your product development needs. We use precision machining not only to manufacture parts and prototypes but also to make mold tools for injection molding and die casting. At Molto, our project engineers and machinists will always beside you to optimize time, surface finish, final tolerance to find out the best solution for you.
Rapid manufacturing
Molto focus on CNC prototypes including plastic and metal prototypes. We have acquired a great deal of experience in medical machining, aerospace machining, automotive machining, micro machining and large machining for complex parts. Molto is able to provide precision machining service for mold and mold components casting parts, volume sheet metal and extrusion parts. Molto inspects all input raw material to guarantee it is real. Our experts will assist you to make out the best material for your cost, weight and engineering application needs.
Surface finish service
Our engineers are dedicated to providing you with the perfect appearance of prototypes and volume products. Our abundant surface finish art can not only meet your appearance needs, but also meet the specified  performance requirements. You can choose from anodizing, polishing, passivating, chrome plating, laser engraving, brushing, powder coated, heat treatment and much much more.
Mirror Polishing –polish process to achieve smooth, bright mirror-like surface. Mirror polished includes mechanical mirror polishing and chemical mirror polishing, the product surface is as smooth as the mirror, which can reach Ra0.2 or below.
Anodizing –produce a layer of oxide film on surface for protection, decorative and other features. A lot of colors are availble in anodizing, most common colors are natural and black. We can custom your favorite color if you provide the color NO. in RAL chart.
Sanding–Blast sand on product surface by jet high-speed to obtain a certain degree cleanliness and roughness, and improve mechanical properties.
Powder Coat–Powder is coated on the product surface by discharge phenomenon. Powder is dispersed under high voltage through the electric field and coated on the product surface. Our powder coating service is environmental, anti-heat and anti-shake.
Painting – Spray layers of paint on the product and dry it with high temperature. You can according to RAL card or Pantone color chart to customize any of your favorite colors.
Quality inspection & testing
Making precise parts need well-controlled processing with excellent inspection tools and equipment. Molto has measuring and testing equipment onsite to qualify incoming materials, modern laboratory can guarantee that your products can really meet the specifications.
Design review when quoting
Contract review with PO
Incoming materials inspection
In-process inspection
Output final inspection and testingcustom motor shaft manufacturers


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Odp: custom motor shaft manufacturers
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I read it. And have more understanding of this.

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